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We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of decorative curtain rods, drapery hardware, knobs & pulls, door knobs and home decor products. Our company is being recognised by Govt. of India, EPCH, Central and State Handicraft Boards. We are also the associated member of Craftsmen Associations in Firozabad, Saharanpur, Jodhpur and Moradabad. All of our products are being designed and hand crafted by skilled craftsmen. With valuable years of experience, the entire range of products offered by us stands as per with the international quality standards. At the forefront of design and technical innovation, we offer both traditional and contemporary, modern & classic solutions for home and window decoration. We also manufacture glass and crystal vases & bowls, candle holders, photo frames and other handicrafts.

Our Company

Crafton India has achieved tremendous growth and has built up an excellent reputation in the export business. We have manufacturing units in Noida, Firozabad, Khurja, Saharanpur, and Moradabad. We are dealing with the world’s largest chain stores, importers & wholesalers across the globe. Our factories are in full compliance with International standards and are being audited by International audit agencies regularly.

Quality Assurance

Crafton India is committed to continually improving its performance in assuring quality and protecting our environment by maintaining effective quality management systems of international standards.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to our customers and our focus is to:
a) Design products according to the customer requirement.
b) Deliver on schedule and on budget every time.
c) Follow up after sale to ensure customer satisfaction.

Interested? View this Photo Frame Collection!

Our Hand crafted and handmade photo frames are made from combination of  materials like  Bone, MOP, Wood, Resin, Glass, Mosiac, Horn, Stone, Metal etc.   Photo frames come in many shapes are Square, Rectangular, Circle, Oval etc.

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